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Diaspora is a nonprofit, userowned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software. Diaspora consists of a group of independently owned nodes (called pods) which interoperate to form the network. As of March 2014, there are more than 1 million Diaspora accounts.Free FTP client software. Wikipedia in 132 toolboxes add to my toolbox. Wikipedia is a global and multilingual Webbased cooperative freecontent encyclopedia. LinkedIn in 144 toolboxes add to my toolbox. Social networking for nonsocial purposes with a focus on professional development, networking for jobs and problem solving through the open source social networking software wikipedia

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19 rows  Social networking software provides the technological basis for community driven content sharing and social networking. Social networking software comparison. Name Yes Open Source Hosted Onpremises SaaS PHP, MySQL, JS: Facebook Open Source Social Network the Best Social Network Software a powerful open source social network CMS. Use our CMS to build an open source social network website Free!open source social networking software wikipedia Social network analysis software (SNA software) is software which facilitates quantitative or qualitative analysis of social networks, by describing features of a network either through numerical or

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Wikipedia, a free, useredited online encyclopaedia, was founded in explicit imitation of the opensource programming movement, as was the open publications movement in the sciences (see Internet: Electronic publishing) and the open genomics movement in bioinformatics. open source social networking software wikipedia eXo Platform is a powerful opensource enterprise social network built to give you the tools to make teamwork easy and successful. eXo platform is an opensource, independent, scalable, customisable, fullfeatured tool for building enterprise social networks. Feb 15, 2009 9 Related FAQsWiki Pages. 13 FAQ KM4Dev Source Materials. link: I have learned to use Proximity, opensource software under development by the Univ. Some of these functionalities are open source ( [link ) and hence free, while others are for a fee and require a little customization. s a good list you have down there.

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