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Celebrate Italian Heritage& Culture Month at Sardis (GNY) on October 13. Italians have a rich history of contributing immensely to the arts. This October the theme of Italian Heritage& Culture Month is celebrating and recognizing Italian American Cinema and Theatre with a special salute toA wonderful program has been planned so please join us with friends and family and show your support of October ItalianAmerican Heritage Month! A proclamation by Governor Charles Baker will be read. The event is free and open to the public. italian heritage month wikipedia

During Italian American Heritage and Culture Month, we recognize the rich heritage of Americans of Italian descent and celebrate their immeasurable contributions to our Nation. (Presidential Proclamation, The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, October 14, 2010)

How can the answer be improved? October, 2019 is ItalianAmerican Heritage Month 2019. DiversityStore. com: Italian American heritage posters and flags Italian American Heritage To the poster who stated that African Americans were sent to the Americas and Caribbean as slaves, SO TOO WERE THE IRISH.italian heritage month wikipedia The heritage month is in October to coincide with Columbus Day the national holiday celebrated on the second Monday of the month. ItalianAmerican Heritage Month celebrates the distinguished cultural contributions of Americans with Italian lineage.

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Each October, we come together and celebrate National Italian American Heritage Month. It is a time set aside for the 18 million Americans of Italian descent to italian heritage month wikipedia Italian Heritage Month celebrations also provide ample opportunities for learning Italian. For example, some organizations provide language labs for children so that they can discover the beauty of the Italian language. Others offer opportunities for adults to learn enough Italian to get by while traveling to Italy. Every time the month of October rolls around, many people think about the change of the seasons, from summer to now true fall. The holidays are just ahead, and so we all gear up to see how and where and if we will spend them and, of course, with whom, too. October is Italian Heritage Month, formerly known as National Italian American Heritage month in the U. S. As an ItalianAmerican who strives every day to live La Dolce Vita (the sweet life), I have made a list of ways to celebrate like an Italian. Italian Americans throughout the nation join together to celebrate their heritage during the month of October, but the name of the month is as varied as those who celebrate. Depending on the organization and region, October may be Italian American Heritage Month, Italian American History Month, Italian Heritage Month, Italian Culture Month

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