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Jul 11, 2016 Proletariatis Brdzola was the organ of the Caucasian League of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. It was founded in connection with the 1st congress of Caucasian League. The paper was the result of the fusion of two illegal publications, the Georgian Brdzola and the Armenian Proletariat. krwanisis brdzola wikipedia

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n. xazaraZe, x. TodaZe, m. quTaTelaZe, n. jorjikia saqarTvelos istoria @teqnikuri [email protected] saqarTvelos teqnikuri universiteti n. xazaraZe, x. Lado Gudiashvili (Georgian: ) (March 30, 1896 July 20, 1980) was a prominent Georgian artist of the 20th century. Gudiashvili was born in Tiflis (now Tbilisi) on March 18 (30), 1896 into a family of a railroad employee.krwanisis brdzola wikipedia Sep 24, 2014¬† 300 aragveli krwanisis brdzola,

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