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This substation is constructed using steel lattice structures to support strain bus wires and apparatus. [2 A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions.A grounding electrode conductor (GEC) is used to connect the system grounded ( neutral ) conductor, or the equipment to a grounding electrode, or a point on the grounding electrode system. This is called system grounding and most electrical systems are required to be grounded. substation grounding wikipedia

Some substation designs require fence grounding to be isolated from the main ground grid; others require it to be tied into the grid. Tying the fence ground into the main ground grid, as shown in Fig. 5, will reduce both grid resistance and grid voltage rise.

The substation grounding system contains of a grid (earth mat) formed by a horizontal buried conductors. The grounding system in substation is very important. The functions of grounding systems or earth mat is first to ensure safety to personnel in substations against electrical shocks. also provide the ground connection for connecting the Electromagnetics in Power Engineering Simulation# 2 Substation Grounding Grid Produced through a collaboration between Northern Arizona University and Arizona Public Service Introduction A good ground is important in many electrical engineering applications. For example, groundingsubstation grounding wikipedia Substation Grounding Tutorial. Soil Resistivity Testing and Soil Modelling 3. Design& Modelling of Substation Grid 4. Break 5. Grounding Design Variables Soil model variables Seasonal modelling of soil Crushed rock resistivity Fault current design margin Fault clearing time Summary Combined effect.

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The substation is an advanced electric pole. It offers a vast supply area with a wire reach long enough to accommodate efficient coverage of an area with very few dead spots, if handled properly. substation grounding wikipedia

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