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Take a look at the phase envelope. If the reservoir pressure is at point 1 then that reservoir is an undersaturated oil reservoir. What this means is that the reservoir pressure (point 1) is higher than the bubble point pressure. The bubble point pressure (on the bubble point line) is a very important concept for every oil reservoir.reservoir evaluation in undersaturated oil reservoirs using modern production data analysis; a simulation study Finally, the upwelling of water that is undersaturated in aragonite from the halocline of the Arctic Ocean (Mathis et al. undersaturated oil reservoir wikipedia

Reservoir Classification is determined by the reservoir fluids phase behavior. They are classified into four reservoir types: single phase gas, gas condensate, undersaturated oil and saturated oil

Oil reservoirs If the reservoir temperature T is less than the critical temperature Tc of the reservoir fluid, the reservoir is classified as an oil reservoir. Gas reservoirs If the reservoir temperature is greater than the critical temperature of the hydrocarbon fluid, the reservoir is considered a gas reservoir. A petroleum reservoir or oil and gas reservoir is a subsurface pool of hydrocarbons contained in porous or fractured rock formations. Petroleum reservoirs are broadly classified as conventional and unconventional reservoirs. In case of conventional reservoirs,undersaturated oil reservoir wikipedia Oil compressibility is a source of energy for fluid flow in a reservoir. In an undersaturated reservoir, it is a dominant drive mechanism, but for a saturated reservoir, it is overshadowed by gas compressibility effects due to the evolution of dissolved gas.

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For undersaturated oils, the twophase oil FVF is equal to the oil FVF; For undersaturated gases, the twophase gas FVF is equal to the gas FVF. Eqs. 12 and 13 account for volatilized oil in the equilibrium gas phase. If volatilized oil is negligible, these equations are simplified. For instance, B to B o B g (R si R s) and B tg B g undersaturated oil reservoir wikipedia The final reservoir type is the saturated oil reservoir and is distinguished by the presence of both liquid and gas in the reservoir. The material balance equations discussed in Chapter 6, for undersaturated oil reservoirs, apply to volumetric and waterdrive reservoirs in which there are no initial Define undersaturated. undersaturated synonyms, undersaturated pronunciation, undersaturated translation, English dictionary definition of undersaturated. adj having a low silica content adj. 1. not saturated; having the power to dissolve still more of a substance. 2. having a double or An oil reservoir that exists with a natural gas cap is said to be saturated. The oil phase is in equilibrium with the gas phase. The reservoir pressure at the gasoil interface is the bubble point. An oil reservoir that exists above its bubble point pressure is undersaturated. In brines, an undersaturated solution will not form crystals as easily as if it were saturated or supersaturated. In saltwater muds, an undersaturated fluid is used to allow salt to leach into the mud, keeping the hole from closing in on the drilling assembly.

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