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2019-09-22 19:57

How can the answer be improved?The German men's national ice hockey team first participated in serious international competition at the 1911 European Hockey Championship. When Germany was split after World War II, a separate East Germany national ice hockey team existed until 1990. german national team wikipedia

The team is the successor of the West Germany national basketball team, the basketball side that represented West Germany in international competition. Between 1955 and 1973, Germany temporarily competed with an East German national basketball team as well. EuroBasket 1951

The Germany women's national handball team is the national handball team of Germany. It is governed by the Deutscher HandballBund and takes part in The Germany national football team is the national football team in Germany. The team has won the 1954 FIFA World Cup, 1974 FIFA World Cup, 1990 FIFA World Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup. The teamgerman national team wikipedia This article includes current squads of Germany U19, U18, U17, U16 and U15 national football teams

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The Germany national rugby union team currently plays at the second level of European rugby but is yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. The national team first played in 1927, with rugby union in Germany being administered by the German Rugby Federation (Deutscher RugbyVerband). german national team wikipedia The Germany women's national football team (German: Deutsche der Frauen) is governed by the German Football Association (DFB). The German national team is one of the most successful in women's football. They are twotime world champions, having won the 2003 and 2007 tournaments.

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