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direct labour that part of the labour force in a firm which is directly concerned with the manufacture of a good or the provision of a service. Direct labour cost depends on the hours of labour worked by factory operatives engaged directly in making a product.Direct labor costs are most commonly associated with products in a job costing environment, where the production staff is expected to record the time they spend working on various jobs. This can be a substantial chore if employees work on a multitude of different products. direct labour costs wikipedia

Definition: Direct labor costs are the wages or salaries paid to employees who physically produce products. In other words, these expenses are the costs paid to workers who make the products that manufactures sell. There is a subtle difference between direct labor and direct labor costs.

Largely the balance depends on the overall cost of labor compared with the cost of automation. If labor costs increase drastically because of union strike perhaps, the company is more likely to invest in automation to lower its direct labor costs over time. If you want to know direct labor cost per unit, divide total direct labor costs by the total amount of units of goods produced during the period. You could also evaluate direct labor costsdirect labour costs wikipedia Direct labor is production or services labor that is assigned to a specific product, cost center, or work order. When a business manufactures products, direct labor is considered to be the labor of the production crew that produces goods, such as machine operators, assembly line operators, painters, and so

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In cost accounting, direct labor costs of the production staff, materials and overhead are properly allocable in determining the overall cost to produce a given product. 14 people found this helpful direct labour costs wikipedia Direct labor costs are the total costs incurred by workers directly working to produce goods or provide services for customers. Indirect labor costs include the labor rates paid to support and run the business such as management, administration or building maintenance. The importance of distinction between direct and indirect labour costs is to provide a more accurate product cost and to exercise a strict control over labour cost. The direct labour cost is charged to jobs and forms part of the prime cost, whereas indirect labour cost becomes a part of overheads. Assume further that during the month of March the company recorded 4500 hours of direct labor time. The actual cost of this labor time was 64, 800, or an average of 14. 40 per hour. The company produced 2000 units of product A during the month. The direct labor cost is 1) the cost of the wages and fringe benefits of the direct labor employees and 2) the cost of the temporary help who work directly on the manufacturer's products. The direct labor cost is also defined as:

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