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Transportation is the movement of people, goods and services across the country. Transportation is the important part of Indian economy. The economic development of the country led to the increase in the development of the transportation in India.Growth of Transport System in India: From the beginning, Indian planners gave top most priority to the development of transport system in the country. During the first three plans, allocation to the transport sector was 25 to 28 percent. development of transportation in india wikipedia

ADVERTISEMENTS: A wellknit and coordinated system of transport plays an important role in the sustained economic growth of a country. Transport routes are the basic economic arteries of the country. Transport system is regarded as the controller of the national economy and provides a very important link between production and consumption.

India has completely revolutionized its transportation system, both external and internal. Rail Transport. Railways are the most important means of transportation in India. The improvement in railway communications in recent times has played a most important The development of transport system is unbalanced. There is heavy pressure on rail and road transport in certain cities and regions. For balanced development of region, alternative routes should be developed e. g. Metro in Delhi has decreased the pressure on road transport.development of transportation in india wikipedia All countries involved in the war stepped up development and production of aircraft and flightbased weapon delivery systems, such as the first longrange bomber. After the war ended, commercial aviation grew rapidly, using mostly exmilitary aircraft to transport people and cargo.

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Indian Roadways: Importance; Development and Classification of Indian Roadways! Roads have been existing in India for the last 5000 years. In early stages of Indian history, Ashoka and Chandragupta made efforts to construct roads. development of transportation in india wikipedia The government of India considers road network as critical to the country's development, social integration and security needs of the country. India's road network carries over 65 percent of its freight and about 85 percent of passenger traffic. Kolkata was connected with Raniganj in 1854 and Madras (Chennai) with Arcot in 1856. The private companies built 6400 Kms railway lines by 1869 and there after the Government of British India took upon the construction of railway directly, . Postal System: No less important was the modernization of postal system in India by the British. At present, the civil aviation is managed on the following pattern. 1. Air India is responsible for international air services. It operates from international airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Panaji, Kochi, Amritsar, Guwahati and Ahmedabad.

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