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The Prinzhorn Collection is a collection of outsider art. A good article about taking objects out of their context and putting them into an art context. hans prinzhornHans Prinzhorn, 1922) Extern odkazy. Obrzky, zvuky i videa k tmatu Hans Prinzhorn ve Wikimedia Commons; Universitt Heidelberg, Bedeutende Heidelberger Professoren: II. Hans Prinzhorn ( ) Saatchi gallery: Prinzhorn Collection; Atlas obscura: The Prinzhorn Collection prinzhorn collection wikipedia

Located in a university psychiatric clinic, the Prinzhorn Collection is devoted to collecting art that acted like windows into the psyche of its mentally ill patients. The collection is named

Hans Prinzhorn (June 6, 1886 June 14, 1933) was a German psychiatrist and art historian. Born in Hemer, Westphalia, he studied art history and philosophy at the University of Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1908. Artistry of the Mentally Ill: a contribution to the psychology and psychopathology of configuration (German: Bildnerei der Geisteskranken: ein Beitrag zur Psychologie und Psychopathologie der Gestaltung) is a 1922 book by psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn, known asprinzhorn collection wikipedia Prinzhorn Group in Two Minutes Founded in 1853, we are still a family owned and managed group with 6, 600 employees in 15 countries, and a European market leader in

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Media in category Sammlung Prinzhorn The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. prinzhorn collection wikipedia Christian Beetz, Between Insanity and Beauty The Art Collection of Dr. Prinzhorn, AdolfGrimmeAward 2008, (Beetz Brothers Film Production, Germany), 2008. The film follows the history of the Prinzhorn Collection, illustrating the inner conflicts of the schizophrenic patients through their artwork. Shortly after Prinzhorn died in 1933, the collection was stored at the University of Heidelberg. Enter the Nazi regime. An art exhibit in 1937, titled Entartete Kunst ( Degenerate Art ) exhibited a few works from the Prinzhorn collection along with some other works of modern art. A hundred years after Hans Prinzhorn began his collection, art has become an integral part of psychiatric care: Today, almost all clinics offer art therapy in addition to psychotherapy and medication. While working in Heidelberg at the psychiatric hospital, Hans Prinzhorn grew the existing collection of patients artwork. By the time he published his book in 1922, The Artistry of the Mentally Ill, he had amassed around 5, 000 works from about 450 patients. What Prinzhorn set out to accomplish

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