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In 1998 there were only around 7, 400 ethnic Ticuna children enrolled in elementary school, by 2005 the number has more than doubles to 16, 100. Another goal of the OGPTB was the gradual replacement of nonIndigenous teaches with Ticuna ones for Ticuna students as to better provide bilingual education.Os Ticuna em trnsito nas cidades dos municpios onde se situam suas aldeias usam a lngua Ticuna entre si e com os que ali se fixaram. Os filhos dos que se fixaram nas cidades usam com frequncia a lngua Ticuna com seus pais. Em casos raros, a lngua cede lugar ao portugus. tribo ticuna wikipedia

Os ticuna tem uma lngua prpria, diferente do tupi ou de qualquer outra lngua indgena. Entre eles s se fala nessa lngua, porm os ndios que vo para Manaus sofrem presso para

Ticuna, or Tikuna, is a language spoken by approximately 50, 000 people in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. It is the native language of the Ticuna people. Ticuna is generally classified as a language isolate, but may be related to the extinct Yuri language (see TcunaYuri) and there has been some research indicating similarities between Ticuna and Carabayo. Morfologicamente a lngua ticuna razoavelmente lngua analtica, ou seja, a maior parte dos seus morfemas so livres, os quais se consideram palavras com significado prprio. No entanto, as palavras em ticuna geralmente tm mais de uma slaba, diferente de outras lnguas isoladas, tais como a lngua vietnamita.tribo ticuna wikipedia A variedade de riquezas da produo artistica dos ticunas expressam uma inegvel capacidade de resistencia e afirmao e de sua identidade.

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Ticuna as a Brazilian tribe has faced violence from loggers, fishermen, and rubbertappers entering their lands around the Solimes River. Four Ticuna people were murdered, 19 were wounded, and ten had disappeared in the 1988 Helmet Massacre. By the 1990s, Brazil formally recognized the tribo ticuna wikipedia As tribos indgenas esto desaparecendo pouco a pouco. Hoje as aldeias so Media in category Ticuna people The following 25 files are in this category, out of 25 total. The Ticuna are an Amerindian people who currently inhabit the border between Peru and Brazil and the Amazon Trapeze in Colombia. They form a society of more than 50, 000 individuals, divided between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, being the most numerous indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon. Ticuna people historically practiced Shamanism, although with the influence of Christian missionaries since contact Shamans have become rare in all but the most isolated communities. Ta'e was the Ticuna creator god who guarded the earth, while Yo'i and Ip were mythical heroes in Ticuna folklore which helped fight off demons.

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