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May 23, 2006 It is not a war between Greece and Troy but a war between Achaeans (a Greek tribe) and Trojans (an other Greek tribe). In the myth the Trojans are descried as Greeks! (In ancient Greece there were a lot of different Greek states. Athens, Sparta, Argos, Mycenae, Troy, Macedon etc. ).Did the City of Troy Really Exist? By Karen Hill The great works of the Greek poet Homer, the Odyssey and the Iliad, tell of a war between the Greeks and the city of Ilium, which was also called Troy after the region in which it was located. did troy exist wikipedia

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Troy VIII and Troy IX (c. 950 BCE to 550 CE) are the sites of Greek Ilion and Roman Ilium respectively. There is evidence that the site was populated throughout the socalled Dark Ages but the settlement did not return to a level of significant development until the 8th century BCE. Troy was an actual city (or perhaps it's more accurate to say that there was an actual city at the location Troy was reported to be). In 1863, Englishman Frank Calvert, using the Iliad among other things, excavated the walls of a city in what was the exact location Homer reported it to be.did troy exist wikipedia Achilles, oder Das zerstrte Troja ( Achilles, or Troy Destroyed , Bonn 1885) is an oratorio by the German composer Max Bruch. Achilles auf Skyros (Stuttgart 1926) is a ballet by the AustrianBritish composer and musicologist Egon Wellesz. Achilles' Wrath is a concert piece by Sean O'Loughlin.

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Jan 24, 2013 Best Answer: Yes! But historians believe there were actually multiple cities in a close region named Troy that existed at different time periods. There is some evidence that the Greeks and Trojans fought a major war thousands of years ago. did troy exist wikipedia She was wife of King Menelaus. Her siblings were Castor, Polydeuces, and Clytemnestra. Later, Paris, help ed by Aphrodite, abducted her to Troy. After that she was Helen of Troy. As for its great wealth, Troy may have acquired that by taxing seafarers traveling into the Black Sea. It would have been a great plum for the Mycenaeans to capture, Cline said. Sep 19, 2005 Troy probly did exist, but Homer likes to romaticize tales. It seems one of the Troys was destroyed by a Earth quake and a latter one was destroyed by eiter the Hittites or the Greek people known as the Sea People . Home News Arts Blog Did the Trojan Horse exist? Classicist tests Greek 'myths' Did the Trojan Horse exist? Classicist tests Greek 'myths' Oxford Arts Blog. Matt Pickles. 25 Jul 2014. 'Archaeological evidence shows that Troy was indeed burned down; but the wooden horse is an imaginative fable, perhaps inspired by the way ancient siege

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