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Many metals, like silver, copper, gold and aluminum, are good thermal conductors. Thermal conductors are materials that heat passes through easily. Conduction, or the transfer of heat, can take place within a single material or between two objects. Heat can only travel from a hot material to a coldElectricity is the presence and flow of electric charge. Its bestknown form is the flow of electrons through conductors such as copper wires. The word electricity is sometimes used good conductors of electricity wikipedia

As increase temperature, atoms and their electrons gain energy. Some insulators (e. g. , glass) are poor conductors when cool, yet good conductors when hot. Most metals are better conductors when cool and poorer conductors when hot. Some good conductors become superconductors at

Good and bad conductors of heat. Most metals are good conductors of heat; silver and copper are exceptionally good. On the other hand, substances such as In the theory of numerical semigroups, the conductor of a numerical semigroup (also called the Frobenius number of the semigroup) is the greatest integer not in the semigroup Physics [ edit Electrical conductor, an object, substance or material allowing the flow of an electric chargegood conductors of electricity wikipedia copper, aluminium, gold, silver are good conductors of electricity. mostly we dont use gold or siver as it is uneconomical thpugh they are good conductors. mostly we use copper or aluminium.

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Conductors and Insulators. In a conductor, electric current can flow freely, in an insulator it cannot. Metals such as copper typify conductors, while most nonmetallic solids are said to be good insulators, having extremely high resistance to the flow of charge through them. good conductors of electricity wikipedia why aluminium is a good conductor of electricity Inquiry If you are interested in why aluminium is a good conductor of electricity, Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form or the email below. We will reply you in 24 hours. Other materials that are sometimes used as conductors are silver, gold, and aluminum. Copper is still the most popular material used for wires because it is a very good conductor of electrical current and it is fairly inexpensive when compared to gold and silver. An electrical insulator is a material whose internal electric charges do not flow freely; very little electric current will flow through it under the influence of an electric field. This contrasts with other materials, semiconductors and conductors, which conduct electric current more easily. The property that distinguishes an insulator is its resistivity; insulators have higher resistivity than This makes all metals good conductors. Out of these, mercury is the worst conductor (has to do with the sea being ineffectivenot sure; will look it up and see) Graphite is a goodish conductor since the unpaired electrons in the sheet structure are delocalised.

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