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Raoul Glaber, vagy Ralph Glaber (azaz Tarfej Rudolf, latinul: Rodulfus Glaber), (985 krl 1047 krl) latin nyelven r kzpkori francia krniks.Radulfus Glaber, (born c. 985, near Auxerre, Bourgogne [Francedied c. 1047, Auxerre), medieval monk and chronicler whose works, though lacking critical sense and order, are useful as historical documents. He read extensively, traveled considerably, and observed and recorded major events. raoul glaber wikipedia

Raoul Glaber (glaber latin chelul, sau Radulfus Glaber, n. n jurul anului 985, Burgundia d. n jurul anului 1047, SaintGermain dAuxerre) a fost un clugr benedictin, istoric i hagiograf. Un cronicar al perioadei din jurul anului 1000, unul dintre sursele de baz pentru istoria Franei din acea perioad.

Raoul eli Rodulfus Glaber (n. 985n. 1047) oli ranskalainen munkki, historioitsija ja hagiografi. Hnet tunnetaan varsinkin viisiosaisesta 900luvun ja 1000luvun alun elm ksittelevst kirjasarjastaan. Raoul Glaber meni luostariin alun perin setns johdattamana. Glaber est bastante desprovisto de estilo literario y no tiene ningn espritu crtico: pone los sucesos y cuentos ms triviales en el mismo plano que los hechos ms importantes.raoul glaber wikipedia Raoul Glaber apporte galement de nombreuses informations sur la Paix de Dieu. Une lecture errone de l'uvre, qui fait peu de cas du contexte dans lequel elle a t crite, a ignor, sous la plume des historiens du XX e sicle, sa valeur pour comprendre le millnarisme autour de l'an Mil.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rodulfus Glaber or Ralph Glaber ( ) was a monk and chronicler of the years around 1000 and is one of the chief sources for the history of raoul glaber wikipedia Arduin Glaber (Italian: Arduino Glabrio, Glabrione, or il Glabro, meaning the Bald ; died c. 977) was count of Auriate from c. 935, count of Turin from c. 9412, and Margrave of Turin from c. . He placed his dynasty, the Arduinici, on a firm foundation and established the march of Turin through conquests and royal concessions. Rodulfus Glaber. French historian. Statements. instance of. human. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. 4 November 2018. imported from Wikimedia project. Italian Wikipedia. name in native language. Raoul Glaber (French) 0 references. given name. Raoul. 0 references. date of birth. 985 Gregorian. instance of. statement with Oct 05, 2013 Abbot William of Dijon, who appreciated Raoul's literary talents, became his warm friend and took him in 1028 as his companion on a journey to Suza in Italy. Yielding again to his roving disposition, Glaber quietly ran away and entered the monastery of StGermain d'Auxerre. Glaber, RAOUL, Benedictine chronicler; b. in Burgundy before 1000; d. at Cluny about 1050. In early boyhood he was so wayward and mischievous that his uncle, a monk, to safeguard him, forced him to enter the monastery of StLeger de Champeaux at the age of twenty.

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