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Les tricheurs propose une allgorie qui pourrait comprise comme une critique du vice. Nanmoins, elle voque plus srement le drame de la tromperie et de l'innocence perdue qui touche le personnage victime de son adversaire et de son complice mais aussi victime de sa propre navet [ 2.Jul 11, 2013  Les Tricheurs (1958), Marcel Carn Original Trailer by Film& Clips aka Peccatori in Blue Jeans Directed by Marcel Carn, with Pascale Petit, les tricheurs film wikipedia

Young Sinners (French: Les tricheurs, Italian: Peccatori in bluejeans) is a 1958 FrenchItalian film directed by Marcel Carn. . Jean Paul Belmondo appears in one of his earliest roles. . The movie was a massive box office hit in France, with admissions of 4, 953, 600.

Other than his 1958 hit Les Tricheurs, Carn's postwar films met with only uneven success and many were greeted by an almost unrelenting negative criticism from the press and within members of the film Les Tricheurs is a Drama film directed by Marcel Carn, and written by Marcel Carn (adaptation), released on June 04 of 1961 in the USA, starring Pascale Petit, Andra Parisy, Jacques Charrier, Laurent Terzieff, Dany Saval and Alfonso Mathis.les tricheurs film wikipedia Jul 24, 2015 LES TRICHEURS was a controversial film, not least of all, because of its blatant depiction of adolescent freelove, and was even banned in some regions of France.

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How can the answer be improved? les tricheurs film wikipedia Les tricheurs. Directed by: Marcel Carn. Starring: Laurent Terzieff, Jacques Charrier, Andra Parisy, Pascale Petit. Genres: Drama. Rated the# 56 best film of 1958, and# 6577 in the greatest alltime movies (according to RYM users). Oct 10, 1958 This film is so stylish and gorgeous, I suspect the older viewers who watched it wished they could be like the people depicted in the film and quite a few young filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers like Truffaut developed a bad case of jaundice reflecting how they could never conceivably make a film as sexy or popular as this one, although they Tricheurs is a 1984 film directed by Barbet Schroeder. . Plot. Tricheurs, meaning Cheaters , is the story of a gambling addict. Elric was raised in a household of servants to the family in the castle on the hill. He sets his sights on buying it, as he imagines this will make him happy. Dans le annes 1950 SaintGermaindesPrs, la jeune Mic rencontre Bob par l'intermdiaire d'une bande d'amis. Les diffrences de classes sociales, l'orgueil, les sentiments dissimuls auront raison

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