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This is a list of Nintendo 3DS games released or planned for release physically on Nintendo 3DS game cards andor digitally on the Nintendo eShop. Games. The Nintendo 3DS portable system has a library of games, which are released in game card andor digital form.These are a list of games that were cancelled from release on Nintendo's various consoles and handhelds. This includes the earliest games on Nintendo Entertainment System to the latest games on Nintendo Switch. Some of those games were never released on any platform to begin with, while others had at least one release but were never ported or remade for the platform they were planned for. nintendo 3ds spieleliste wikipedia

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Nintendo DS and 3DS storage devices are used to store a licensed developer's workinprogress images, homebrew video games, and downloaded commercial games (since the Nintendo DS is not sold with a rewritable storage medium). Licensed developers, however, The Nintendo 3DS XL was introduced in August 2012 and includes a 90 larger screen, a 4 GB SD card and extended battery life. In August 2013, Nintendo announced the costreduced Nintendo 2DS, a version of the 3DS without the 3D display.nintendo 3ds spieleliste wikipedia Nintendo eShop is the Nintendo 3DS's online software distribution service. The eShop provides downloadable retail and downloadonly Nintendo 3DS titles, Virtual Console titles, and various applications and videos. It also allows users to purchase downloadable content (DLC)

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List of Virtual Console games for Nintendo 3DS (Japan) The following is the complete list of the 291 Virtual Console titles that have been released for the Nintendo 3DS in nintendo 3ds spieleliste wikipedia This is a sortable list of video games on the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi handheld game consoles. There are over 1837 titles available for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi as of March 29, 2017. This list does not include games released on DSiWare.

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