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The asteroid belt is the region to the Solar System located roughly atween the orbits o the planets Maurs an Jupiter. It is occupied by numerous irregularl\ shaped bodies cried asteroids or minor planets.

So desconhecidos quase todos os de menor tamanho, os quais acreditase que existam cerca de um milho. [2 Estimase que mais de quatrocentos mil possuam dimetro superior a um quilmetro. . Ceres o maior asteroide conhecido, possuindo dimetro de aproximadamente novecentos quilmetros, [7 e, desde 24 de Agosto de 2006, passou a ser considerado tambm um planeta ano. Asteroid, pernah disabuik sabagai planet minor atau planetoid, adolah benda baukuran labiah kaciak daripado planet, tetapi labiah gadang daripado meteoroid, umumnyo ado di bagian dalam Tata Surya (labiah dalam dari orbit planet Neptunus).asteroid wikipedia indonesia Dagiti asteroid ket dagiti bassit a planeta (bassit a bagbagi ti Sistema Solar ken dagiti ansisit a planeta) a saan a dagiti bandus, a naipangpangruna kadagiti adda iti akinuneg a Sistema a Solar. Dagitoy ket tinawtawagan pay idi a kas dagiti planetoid, a naipangpangruna dagiti dadakkel.

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Ing asteroyde (asteroid king Ingles, asteroide king Espanyol) balamu planeta ya, oneng mas malati ya. Ing kabalduga'na ning katayang asteroid, balamu batwin king matwang amanung Greek. Lupa lang mangalating batwin king banwa, oneng manaliwa la lugal deti nung ikumpara la pusisyun kareng batwin. asteroid wikipedia indonesia The fourth largest asteroid, Hygiea, has an undifferentiated interior, like the majority of asteroids. Between them, the four largest asteroids constitute half the mass of the asteroid belt. Ceres is the only asteroid with a fully ellipsoidal shape and hence the only one that is a dwarf planet. An asteroid is a space rock. It is small object in the Solar System that travels around the Sun. It is like a planet but smaller. They range from very small (smaller than a car) to 600 miles (1000 km) across. A few asteroids have asteroid moons. Asteroid ialah objek kecil dalam sistem suria yang mengelilingi matahari yang mempunyai saiz yang lebih kecil daripada planet. Oleh sebab itu, asteroid tergolong dalam kumpulan planet kecil (minor planet) atau dikenali sebagai planetoid. Media in category Asteroids The following 130 files are in this category, out of 130 total.

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