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Portuguese Podengo Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Portuguese Podengo Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Portuguese Podengo in the UK is represented by The Portuguese Podengo Club of Great Britain and The Northern Portuguese Podengo Association, and the Podengo Pequeno was recognized by the Kennel Club in 2003. The Breed Standard was approved on January 1, 2006. podengo portoghese wikipedia

The Portuguese Podengo is a dog originating in Portugal. It has developed in three sizes: The Grande, the Medio and the Pequeno, all in this page. Variants Portuguese Podengo Pequeno The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno ( pequeno meaning small in Portuguese) is considered a seperate breed to a

Media in category Podengo Portugus The following 29 files are in this category, out of 29 total. Portuguese Podengo, Meet the Breeds, American Kennel Club (AKC) (lst ) Portuguese Podengo, Breed Information Centre, The Kennel Club (lst ) Extended breed standard of the Portuguese Podengo, Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) PDF; Externa lnkarpodengo portoghese wikipedia O Podengo Portugus pode variar entre trs portes, o pequeno, o mdio e o grande, e entre dois tipos diferentes de plo, o liso e o cerdoso, num total de seis variedades. [2 O Podengo Portugus alegre, inteligente, energtico e fiel, necessitanto da ateno do seu dono e de tempo para fazer exerccio. [3

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Portuguese Podengo's wiki: The Portuguese Podengo is an ancient multisensory hound (sight and scent) breed of dog from Portugal. As a breed, the Podengo is divided into three size categories that are not interbred: small (Pequeno), medium (Medio) and large (Grande). podengo portoghese wikipedia The Portuguese Podengo is one of ten National Dogs of Portugal and has the honor of being the symbol of the Portuguese Kennel Club (the Clube Portugues de Canicultura or CPC). The Club do Podengo A little history to be noted here: in the early 1990's the Podengo's were instrumental in the FCI discussion on the group status of the Mediterranean Island hunting dogs such as the Kelb, Podenco and Cirneco. All these breeds were then placed in the FCI Spitz& Primitive group. Portuguese Podengos were shown in the United States for the first time in 2001. Name: This breed is also known as the Podengo Portugues and the Portuguese Warren Hound.

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