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Feb 25, 2009 The eSATA port allows you to attach external SATA devices (i. e. hard drives, CD drive, DVD drives) to your computer. The HDMI port allows you to pass highdef video and or sound to another highdef device such as a bigscreen television.Select ThinkPads have a eSATA Port. eSATA provides a faster (wider bandwidth) external storage interface than USB, but does not provide power so eSATA devices require an external power supply. esata port wikipedia

An eSATAp port combines the four pins of the USB 2. 0 (or earlier) port, the seven pins of the eSATA port, and optionally two 12 V power pins. Both SATA traffic and device power are integrated in a single cable, as is the case with USB but not eSATA.

Which port should I use to power the eSATA port on a ASRock LGA 1155 Extreme4 Use of esata port in laptop wikipedia Switch SSD to an onboarddevices eSata port just to use AHCI? An eStata Port and Cable contain extra power capability so that an eSata drive can be directly connected to the port without the need for an additional power supply or, as in the USB case, dual USB type plugs to ensure that the drive has adequate power.esata port wikipedia Nov 20, 2018 If the eSATA port can allow USB, it is an eSATA port. Usually 90 percent of the notebooks from Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP and Lenovo use eSATA ports. I have seen rare cases when MSI uses the older eSATA port.

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eSATA (External Serial ATA) The interface that connects external SATA drives to a computer. eSATA ports are found on laptop computers and on the back of desktop computers. See SATA and eSATA USB Hybrid Port. esata port wikipedia How can the answer be improved?

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