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New Order (Galactic Alliance), the new system for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances established by Darth Caedus New Order (Imperial), the social and political system of the Galactic Empire New Order (Mandalorian), Cassus Fett's ideal of the Mandalorian NeoSingles is a greatest hits album by English rock band New Order. It was released on 3 October 2005 by London Records. The twodisc compilation includes the band's singles released between 1981 and 2005. Unlike the CD version of earlier singles compilation Substance 1987, the Bsides are not included. wikipedia new order substance

Substance is a singles compilation album by English rock band Joy Division. It was released on 11 July 1988 by Factory Records. It is the companion to a similar singles compilation by their subsequent band New Order, also entitled Substance.

New Order's debut single, Ceremony (1981), was formed from the last two songs written with Curtis. New Order struggled in their early years to escape the shadow of Joy Division, but went on to achieve far greater commercial success with a different, more upbeat and danceorientated sound. Substance 1987 or Substance is the first and most famous New Order compliation. The album contains all 12 singles, and it's respective Bsides (not including the LP version) Substance was released as a double vinyl, both containing 12 songs.wikipedia new order substance While New Order toured North America with friends Echo& the Bunnymen, the summer of 1987 saw the release of the compilation Substance, which featured the new single True Faith . Substance was an important album in collecting the group's 12inch singles onto CD for the first time and featured new versions of Temptation and Confusion

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(the best of) New Order is the second compilation album released by the group and follows their first, the hugely successful Substance album by seven years. The group had taken a hiatus due to tensions and disputes during the recording and touring of their 1993 album, Republic. wikipedia new order substance Ceremony is a song by Joy Division, released as New Order's debut single in 1981. The song and its Bside, In a Lonely Place , were written and recorded as Joy Division prior to the death of Ian Curtis. Both were rerecorded and carried over to Joy Division's reformation under the name New Order. Dec 20, 2013  Substance (also known as Substance 1987) is a 1987 compilation album by New Order, consisting of all of the band's singles at that point The Perfect Kiss is a song by the English alternative dance and rock band New Order. It was recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London and released on 13 May 1985. [4 It is the first New Order song to be included on a studio album, LowLife, at the same time as its release as a single. Substance (also known as Substance 1987) is a compilation album by English alternative dance band New Order. It was released in August 1987 by Factory Records. The album compiles all of the band's singles at that point in their 12inch versions, along with their respective Bside tracks.

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