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Kota Metro (Had Lampung: ) adalah salah satu kota di Provinsi Lampung. Kota ini juga merupakan kota yang memiliki tingkat kemacetan dan kriminalitas paling rendah di Provinsi Lampung. Prahana, Naim Empel (1997). Cerita rakyat dari Lampung (dalam bahasa Indonesian). 2.MetroGoldwynMayer, Inc. , or MGM, is an American media company. They mainly make movies and television programs. On April 8, 2005, the company was bought by a group led by Sony and Comcast along with Texas Instruments and Warner Bros. until emerged from bankruptcy on December 20, 2010, due to Spyglass Entertainment founders, Gary Barber and metro 1997 wikipedia

Thare wur an aa van versions kent as the Morris Metro an later, Metrovan. At the time o its launch, the Metro wis sauld as an Austin. Frae 1982, MG versions became available. Frae 1990 until its withdrawal in 1997, the Metro wis sauld anerlie as a Rover.

Metro (O Negociador BRA ou Metro POR) um filme de ao estadunidense lanado em 1997, dirigido por Thomas Carter e estrelado por Eddie Murphy The Metro was the twin car of the similar Suzuki Cultus, with only minor differences in grilles and interior. The other names for this car were the Chevrolet Sprint, Suzuki Swift, and Pontiac Firefly. From the Metro was offered as a convertible, sedan and threedoorfivedoor hatchback.metro 1997 wikipedia The Geo Metro was a marketing and manufacturing variation of the Suzuki Cultus available in North America from 1989 through 2001 as a joint effort of General Motors (GM) and Suzuki. In the US, the Metro carried a Geo nameplate from 1989 through 1997, and a Chevrolet nameplate from 1998 to 2001.

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Geo was a marque of small cars and SUVs marketed by General Motors as a subdivision of its Chevrolet division from 1989 to 1997. Its original slogan was Get to know Geo. Formed by GM to compete with the growing small import market of the mid 1980s, the line continued through the 1997 model year, after which the remaining models were marketed under the Chevrolet name. metro 1997 wikipedia O Metro de Madrid o sistema de metropolitano que serve a capital da Espanha. [ 4 Esta rede de metropolitano uma das maiores do mundo, tanto pela sua extenso, como pelo nmero de estaes. Metro is a 1997 actioncomedy film about a wisecracking hostage negotiator. When his friend and fellow police officer is assassinated by a dangerous jewel thief, he is prepared to do just about anything to bring the killer to justice. Metro (film) en amerikansk actionthriller frn 1997 Metro (musikal) en polsk musikal Mini Metro en engelsk bilmodell, frst under mrkesnamnet Austin, senare Rover

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