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Nordhorn ist die Kreisstadt des Landkreises Grafschaft Bentheim und eine selbstndige Gemeinde im uersten Sdwesten Niedersachsens an der Vechte. Die Stadt ist eine Mitgliedsgemeinde der Euregio, grenzt direkt an die Niederlande und ist unweit der Landesgrenze gelegen. Raumplanerisch ist die Stadt als Mittelzentrum mit oberzentralen Teilfunktionen eingestuft.Nordhorn lies in the MidEuropean Temperate Zone, the average yearly temperature is 8. 5 C (47 F), the mean air pressure is 761. 5 hPa and the mean yearly precipitation amounts to between 700 and 800 mm (28 and 31 in). The climate is Subatlantic with rather mild winters and fairly warm summers. rawe nordhorn wikipedia

Hatte Rawe in diesem Jahr um 2000 Mitarbeiter in Nordhorn beschftigt, so stieg die Zahl bis 1957 auf 2600 an. In den 1950er Jahren berlie die Industriellenfamilie Rawe ihre ausgedehnten Parkanlagen der Stadt Nordhorn, die als ffentlich zugnglicher Stadtpark umgestaltet wurden.

The Rawe, also known as Rave, Rawa and Rawad, are a section of Rajputs found in the western districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. History and origin. The word Ravad is said to be an abbreviation of the words Rajput Vahini Apr 19, 2010 Bezoekje aan Rawe& Co Begin In 1896 werd een nieuw bedrijf geboren in Nordhorn, weverij B. Rawe& Co . De aandeelhouders waren Bernard Rawe, Schnieder en Heinrich.rawe nordhorn wikipedia August Perk (October 25, 1897, Lohne Lingen, Germany; May 12, 1945, Braunschweig, Germany) was a German Resistance fighter against the National Socialism. His brief friendship with Erich Maria Remarque influenced Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front.

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Rawe History. Rawes beginnings: The love of a factory owner and an industrial palace In 1886, the 22 yearold textile merchant Bernhard Rawe ( ) meets Ella Kistemaker, the daughter of a Nordhorn factory owner, in his hometown Mnster, and falls in love. rawe nordhorn wikipedia Jun 07, 2009 Nordhorn textielfabriek Rawa en Co. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Nordhorn's synagogue was destroyed on Kristallnacht (9 November 1938). The town's Jews either emigrated or were deported and murdered, an event now marked by a memorial. Population. Nordhorn has 53, 608 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2006) in an area of 149. 64 km 2, making the population density 358 to a square kilometre. Bernard Rawe attached a lot of importance to a solid basic knowledge and understanding of the total process chain of textile producing. 1892 is the birth year of the company, B. Rawe& Co. The entrepreneur Bernhard Rawe, a man who was always on the go and full of ideas, laid the cornerstone in Nordhorn for the shirt production of today. In March 2007, the RaweRingCenter with roughly 22 000 m of new sales area was opened on a plot that was once part of the Rawe textile factory. This project met with considerable opposition, mainly among local retailers and professionals. Deutsch Wikipedia. Nordhorn Original name in latin Nordhorn Name in other language Nordhorn

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