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Rhizobium rhizogenes (formerly Agrobacterium rhizogenes) is a Gramnegative soil bacterium that produces hairy root disease in dicotyledonous plants. R. rhizogenes induces the formation of proliferative multiplebranched adventitious roots at the site of infection, socalled 'hairy rootsOct 04, 2011  Of course, there are other Wikipedia articles that have some relevant information. In fact, there is also one on Rhizobium. When is a rhizobium not a Rhizobium? Rhizobia are legume root nodule bacteria. A rhizobium is a legume root nodule bacterium. One rhizobium, many rhizobia just like one bacterium, many bacteria. rhizobium culture wikipedia

Rhizobia are bacteria that fix nitrogen (diazotrophs) after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes. To express genes for nitrogen fixation, rhizobia require a plant host; they cannot independently fix nitrogen. In general, they are Gramnegative, motile, nonsporulating rods.

On culture, colonies are round, white, and translucent. Range and environment Edit. The presence of A. vitis has been confirmed in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, South Africa, and the United States. A revision of Rhizobium Frank 1889, with an emended description of the genus, and the inclusion of all species of Agrobacterium Conn 1942 and Allorhizobium undicola de Lajudie et al. 1998 as new combinations: Rhizobium radiobacter, R. rhizogenes, R. rubi, R. undicola and R. vitis.rhizobium culture wikipedia On the patient's readmission 2 months later, both the Gram stain and the culture of vitreous fluid yielded the same organism with an identical antibacterial susceptibility pattern, confirming R. radiobacter chronic endophthalmitis in this patient.

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Bradyrhizobium is a genus of Gramnegative soil bacteria, many of which fix nitrogen. Nitrogen fixation is an important part of the nitrogen cycle. Plants cannot use atmospheric nitrogen (N 2 ); they must use nitrogen compounds such as nitrates. rhizobium culture wikipedia Dec 05, 2013  Rhizobium is a genus of gramnegative, motile bacteria whose members are most notable for their ability to establish a symbiotic relationship with leguminous plants, such as peas, soybeans, and alfalfa. This relationship leads to the establishment of specialized structures called The Rhizobium culture strains are antigenically very selective and require particular host or nodulation. The surface antigen on the Rhizobial cells recognizes the binding sites (specific root exudates) on the roots of the leguminous plants. This characteristic makes them hostspecific. Genus: Rhizobium Species: Rhizobium etli Rhizobium galegae Rhizobium gallicum Rhizobium giardinii Rhizobium hainanenseRhizobium huautlense Rhizobium indigoferae Rhizobium leguminosarum Rhizobium loessense Rhizobium mongolense Rhizobium sullae Rhizobium tropici Rhizobium undicola Rhizobium yanglingense Rhizobium

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