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Retarded potential's wiki: In electrodynamics, the retarded potentials are the electromagnetic potentials for the electromagnetic field generated by timevarying electric current or charge distributions in the past. The fields propagate at the speed of light c,An electromagnetic fourpotential is a relativistic vector function from which the electromagnetic field can be derived. It combines both an electric scalar potential and a magnetic vector potential into a single fourvector. is the retarded time. This is sometimes also expressed with retarded potential wikipedia

The term magnetic potential can be used for either of two quantities in classical electromagnetism: the magnetic vector potential, or simply vector potential, A; and the magnetic scalar potential. Both quantities can be used in certain circumstances to calculate the magnetic field B.

The water potential between fresh water (right) and sea water (left) corresponds to a hydraulic head of 270 metres Pressure retarded osmosis ( PRO ) is a technique to separate a solvent (for example, fresh water ) from a solution that is more concentrated (e. g. sea water ) and also pressurized. Retarded potentials in linearized gravity. The retarded potential in linearized general relativity is closely analogous to the electromagnetic case. The tracereversed tensor plays the role of the fourvector potential, the harmonic gauge replaces the electromagnetic Lorenz gauge, the field equations are, and the retardedwave solution is. [5retarded potential wikipedia The electric field of a positive charge (to take a simple example) can be visualized as a bunch of straight lines heading away from it. But if the charge moves suddenly, it takes a while before a distant observer notices that the lines now come from a different origin.

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Retardation factor, in chromatography, the fraction of an analyte in the mobile phase of a chromatographic system; Retarded potential, in electrodynamics, electromagnetic potentials generated by timevarying electric current or charge distributions in the past retarded potential wikipedia The use of retarded potentials is better understood in the framework of relativity. I've added a hyperlink to the LinardWiechert potential which is a relativistically invariant retarded potential. By increasing the retarding potential to 100 V to the lead target, craters are formed as a result of the explosive outflow of material from the hot molten core of the spike. The retarded time t r t r (r, t) is defined implicitly by where () is the distance of the particle from the source at the retarded time. Only electromagnetic wave effects depend fully on the retarded time.

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