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Goliath (La Ronde) Goliath is a steel coaster roller coaster at the La Ronde located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Designed by Bolliger& Mabillard, it reaches a maximum height of 174. 8 feet (53. 3 m), a speed of 68. 4 miles per hour (110. 1 kmh), and a track length of 4, 038. 8 feet (1, 231. 0 m).The art of pyrotechnic is about allatonceness and evanescence: it is through the rapid burning process that pyrotechnic pieces radiate their magic and give joy to the spectator. la ronde ednor wikipedia

In 2009, it was once again moved, this time to La Ronde. Gallery [edit edit source The roller coaster under construction at La Ronde In the brake section A Wheel Roller coasters at La Ronde

Ednr L'Attaque, Montreal, Quebec. 116 likes 77 were here. Ednr L'Attaque is a steel inverted roller coaster at La Ronde in Montreal, Quebec, La Ronde (Round) is an amusement park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, built as the entertainment complex for Expo 67, the 1967 world fair. Today, it is owned and operated by Six Flags. The park is under an emphyteutic lease with the City of Montreal, which expires in 2065. It is the largest amusement park in Quebec, and second largest in ronde ednor wikipedia Jul 08, 2012 Front Rider's Perspective on Ednr L'Attaque (Vekoma: Suspended Looping Coaster) at La Ronde in Montral, Qubec, Canada. Length: 622m (2260' 6 )

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Ednr, La Rondes terrifying local hero will propel you upside down! Until now, humans have only scratched the surface as for their knowledge of all these mysterious creatures living in the depth of the oceans. According to many people, those creatures are ferocious monsters ruling the undersea world. la ronde ednor wikipedia Media in category Ednr L'Attaque The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. Featuring hundreds of roller coasters, thrill rides and family attractions, Six Flags is the biggest regional theme park company in the world! On April 15, 2010, La Ronde announced that the new name for the ride would be Ednr L'Attaque, based on a fictional sea monster appearance in the Lac des Dauphins. The name comes from the word Ronde spelled backwards. It features a preshow that talks La Ronde has ten roller coasters with the addition of Ednor. Most notable is Goliath a 2006 B& M out and back hyper coaster thats nothing but airtime hills. Read the press release here.

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