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Automatic Water Level Controller Working Principle 3 Types Water is a gift from the gods and it shouldnt be wasted. In most houses, we have water tanks that are filled for regular and daily use of water.Firstly when you power the unit it will be monitoring the power present in the unit and secondly it is also the indicator telling you that there is no water at all present in the tank. As because the water level is below the No. 1 (as shown in the circuit) sensor, no LED's will be working of water level indicator wikipedia

In case the water level is above the threshold level, the Microcontroller accordingly switches off the relay through the transistor and MOSFET arrangement, so as to switch off the pump. 3. A Digital Water Level Indicator. This system is used only to sense the level of water in a tank and display the reading on a 7 segment display.

Water leak detection is an expression more commonly used for larger, integrated systems installed in modern buildings or those containing valuable artifacts, materials or other critical assets where early notification of a potentially damaging leak would be beneficial. Water Level Indicator Project Circuit Diagram: Water Level Indicator Project Description: This is the circuit diagram and description for water level indicator. A constant 5v power supply is given to the microcontroller and rest of the circuit from a battery.working of water level indicator wikipedia The choice of float and stem materials depends on the liquid in terms of chemical compatibility as well as specific gravity and other factors that affect buoyancy. These sensors work well for liquid level measurements in marine, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, waste treatment, and other applications.

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This simple transistor based water level indicator circuit is very useful to indicate the water levels in a tank. Whenever tank gets filled, we get alerts on particular levels. Whenever tank gets filled, we get alerts on particular levels. working of water level indicator wikipedia The water starts to get filled in the tank and when the water level in the tank starts to rise up, what happens is that the LEDS that are installed in the tank start to get lighten up, one by one indicating the water level in the tank. vulnearbility. The presence of water level indicator in reservoir can help control wastage and water such indeaquacy in reservoir. Water level indicator is used to show level of water in an over head tank, this keeps the user informed about the water level at all time avoids the situation of Water level indicator by bhushan kumbhalkar 1. Presentation On WATER LEVEL DETECTOR B. Sc. (3rd Year) in Industrial Science Submitted By BHUSHAN KUMBHALKAR 2. CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION NEED OF WATERL LEVEL DETECTOR WORKING PRINCIPLE COMPONENTS REQUIRED a. LED b. TRANSISTOR (BC148) c. RESISTANCE d. The water level indicator circuit diagram monitors the level of water in the tank and simultaneously switches on the water pump whenever the water level goes low in the water tank. The water level of the tank is indicated by using the 5 LEDs and if the water level in the tanker is full then the water pump is turned off completely.

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