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2019-10-13 23:38

A decision was made this week by Wikipedias supreme court to ban five editors who were attempting to prevent the Gamergate Controversy article from taking on a proGamergate slant.Wikipedia, the online publiclyeditable encyclopedia, has issued a restriction on editing to certain users over alleged harassment and violation of civility while editing the Gamergate wikipedia gamergate ban

Wikipedias high court, an arbitration committee of impartial site editors, is expected to ban editors on opposing sides of the GamerGate debate for making changes to the controversys article

Banned indefinitely from making any edit to the GamerGate controversy article and its talk page and from making any edit or comment connected to GamerGate or any person invovled in GamerGate anywhere on Wikipedia HJ Mitchell: Indefinite Avono: 06 December 2014: Topic ban Last week, the Internet finally ate itself: A Wikipedia article misreported that a Wikipedia disciplinary case centered around Gamergate had concluded with the scandalous banning of feministwikipedia gamergate ban A gamergate ( m r e t ) is a mated worker ant that is able to reproduce sexually, i. e. , lay fertilized eggs that will develop as females. Gamergates are restricted to taxa where the workers have a functional sperm reservoir (' spermatheca ').

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Wikipedia, the information hole we all fall into for hours on end, is now on the front lines of the# Gamergate controversy. Wikipedia is supposedly a democratically run encyclopedia, because wikipedia gamergate ban Wales advice for Gamergate supporters who wanted to change the Wikipedia article was to be constructive, and present a vision for the article which they wanted to read rather than engage in a

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