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The STAT! Ref Story In 1987, Dr. Sugden's colleague from Big Piney, Wyomingan oil and gas town of about 200 peoplecalled for a consult on a pregnant patient from Connecticut with some unique symptoms. Although he suspected Lyme disease, he didn't know the best course of treatment. Researching this issue took hours.Welcome to STAT! Ref. STAT! Ref, the premier healthcare eresource, enables users to intuitively crosssearch fulltext titles, journals and evidencebased pointofcare authoritative resources. With 600 and growing resources within over 50 healthcare disciplines, STAT! Ref provides the latest healthcare information in a customizable and convenient format. stat ref wikipedia

Reference is a relation between objects in which one object designates, or acts as a means by which to connect to or link to, another object. The first object in this relation is said to refer to the second object. It is called a name for the second object. The second object, the one to which the first object refers, is called the referent of the first object.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary (2016) has been thoroughly reviewed and updated to make this dictionary the most reliable resource available for healthcare, including medical students, physicians, educators, researchers, and medical language specialists. This 2016 The Ref did not perform as well at the box office as Leary would have liked and he blamed the studio's method of marketing it: They did me like the MTV guy. Andstat ref wikipedia The name Wikipedia is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning quick) and encyclopedia. Wikipedias articles provide links designed to guide the user to related pages with additional information.

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Titles A to Z Download PDF. STAT! Ref's a la carte subscription model allows you to build a collection of titles to suit your specific needs. Browse the following list, sorted alphabetically by title, to discover what resources are available. stat ref wikipedia The Research Excellence Framework is the successor to the Research Assessment Exercise. REF's impact was defined as an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia . Stat! Ref. 1. 8K likes. STAT! Ref has the newest technology solutions in healthcare reference, all available in one place.

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