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Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa alKhwarizmi (sau Muhammed ibn Musa Horezmi, n arab, n farsi, prescurtat AlHorezmi) a fost un savant, astronomastrolog, matematician i scriitor persan.AlKhwarizmi (Muammad ibn Ms alKhwrizm, api 780 api 850 m. ) bova persu matematks, astruonuoms, astruoluogs geuograps. Vikitka: AlKhwarizmi Abruozdiel kt dkt, katri prigol pr straipsn. al-khwarizmi biografia wikipedia

Al Khwarizmi Biography Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa alKhwarizmi, also called Muhammad ibnMusa alKhwarizmi, Muhammad ibnMusa alKhowarizmi, and Mohammad Bin Musa AlKhawarizmi, (flourished early 9th century), was a Persian scientist, mathematician, and author.

A stamp issued September 6, 1983 in the Soviet Union, commemorating alKhwrizm's (approximate) 1200th birthday. AlKhwarizmi was known for the book he wrote about algebra, Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing. He also wrote a book which taught the Western world about Hindu numerals and how to use them. This book was later titled the Hindu Art of biografia wikipedia Jeffrey A. Oaks, Was alKhwarizmi an applied algebraist? . The University of Indianapolis. The University of Indianapolis. ( EN ) Abraham bar Hiyya HaNasi, biografia in MacTutor

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AlKhwarizmi (Mohammed ibn Musa alKhwarizmi; Bagdad, 780? , 850) Matemtico y astrnomo rabe. Su principal aportacin fue la de introducir a los matemticos europeos en los numerales indoarbigos y en los principios fundamentales del lgebra. al-khwarizmi biografia wikipedia Al'Khwarizmi's astronomical tables revisited: analysis of the equation of time. En Josep Casulleras y Julio Sams. From Baghdad to Barcelona Studies in the Islamic Exact Sciences in Honour of Prof. Juan Vernet (en ingls) I. AlKhwarizmi is a lunar impact crater located on the far side of the Moon. It lies to the southeast of the crater Moiseev, and northeast of Saenger. The western inner wall of AlKhwarizmi is much wider than along the eastern side. Comme de nombreux astronomes de cette poque, AlKhwarizmi est aussi astrologue. Selon l'historien Tabari, AlKhwarizmi prdit, avec un groupe d'astrologues, la longue dure de vie du calife (et les cinquante ans qui lui restaient vivre) alors que ce dernier mourut dix jours aprs la prdiction [22.

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