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The Gherkin is Londons most instantly recognisable tower. Totalling 500, 000 sq ft, The Gherkin is an iconic structure housing a flourishing community and deserves its reputation for being the most civilised skyscraper in the world.English: The 30 St Mary Axe office buildingskyscraper, popularly known as the Gherkin in the City of London, England. This hightech lattice shell structure building was completed in December 2003 and opened at the end of May 2004. london gherkin building wikipedia

The gherkin has become one of the most recognised London landmarks due to its ultra modern design. the exterior of the building is glad in energy efficient glass, enough to cover 5 football pitches. the building was designed to house offices and it currently home to many companies, mostly in the insurance sector.

Available premium Grade A London office space in the iconic Gherkin Gherkin might mean: A type of pickled cucumber; 30 St Mary Axe, a building in London nicknamed The Gherkin This disambiguation page lists articles with similar titles. If a link brought you here, you can go back and fix it so it goes straight to the right gherkin building wikipedia The Gherkin, a modern skyscraper in London. The tower was built in the heart of London's financial center at the site of the 1903 Baltic Exchange Building which had been damaged by a

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A gherkin is a variety of cucumber: the West Indian or burr gherkin (Cucumis anguria), which produces a somewhat smaller fruit than the garden cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Gherkins are cooked, eaten raw, or used as pickles. london gherkin building wikipedia 30 St Mary Axe is a skyscraper in London's financial district, the City of London. It was formerly named the Swiss Re Building, after Swiss Reinsurance Company. The tower is also known as The Gherkin . The building was finished in December 2003. It was opened at the end of May 2004. Swiss Re Tower has 41 floors. 30 St Mary Axe, also known as The Gherkin , and occasionally as The Swiss Re Tower, is an architecturally similar building in London which opened a year and a half earlier, in April 2004. Alain Robert, a famous climber who has scaled the building. Facts about Londons Gherkin building. Despite its shape, the lens at the very top of the tower is the only piece of curved glass used in The Gherkin. There are 18 passenger lifts which travel at speeds of up to six metres (20 foot) per second.

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