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The 1946 Nankai earthquake ( Shwa Nankai jishin) was a great earthquake in Nankaid, Japan. It occurred on December 21, 1946, at 04: 19 JST (December 20, 19: 19 UTC). [1 The earthquake measured between 8. 1 and 8. 4 on the moment magnitude scale,The tsunami of April 1, 1946 broke over Pier No. 1 in Hilo Harbor, Hawaii. The man in the foreground (lower left) became one of the 159 deaths on the islands. Credit: NOAA A mystery surrounding tsunami 1946 wikipedia

On this day in 1946, an undersea earthquake off the Alaskan coast triggers a massive tsunami that kills 159 people in Hawaii. In the middle of the night, 13, 000 feet beneath the ocean surface, a 7

Several great shocks affected the planet in 1946. The largest was one of the most significant in human terms. The quake itself was a magnitude 8. 6 striking on April 1 in Alaska resulting in a tsunami mainly affecting Hawaii. The consequence of this apart from many deaths was the foundation of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. On April 1, 1946 the Big Island of Hawaii was struck by the socalled April Fools Day tsunami , originating from the Aleutian Islands earthquake. Approximately 160 people on the island were killed. Approximately 160 people on the island were killed.tsunami 1946 wikipedia A tsunami (pronounced soonahmee or tsoonahmee 1946 Pacific tsunami. The Aleutian Island earthquake tsunami that killed 165 people on Hawaii and Alaska resulted in the creation of a tsunami warning system, established in 1949 for Pacific Ocean area countries.

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A tsunami can occur in any tidal state and even at low tide can still inundate coastal areas. On April 1, 1946, the 8. 6 M w Aleutian Islands earthquake occurred with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong). It generated a tsunami which inundated Hilo on the island of Hawaii with a 14metre high (46 ft) surge. Between 165 and 173 were killed. tsunami 1946 wikipedia The 1946 Aleutian Islands earthquake occurred near the Aleutian Islands on April 1, 1946, and generated a Pacificwide tsunami. The magnitude 8. 1 earthquake caused 165 casualties. Wave heights reached an estimated 115 feet in Alaska, and averaged 30 feet in Hawaii, where the tsunami struck without warning nearly 5 hours after the earthquake. The Hawaii Tsunami were a soccer club that competed in the United Soccer Leagues from 1994 to 1997. The club was based in Honolulu, Hawaii. . Yearbyyear 1946 Aleutian tsunami A 7. 8 earthquake off the coast of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska on April 1, 1946 triggered a tsunami which caused the death of 165 people and caused more than 26 million in How can the answer be improved?

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