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Barry Burton (Japanese: ) is a fictional character in the Resident Evil survival horror series, produced by Capcom. He debuted as a supporting character in the original 1996 Resident Evil game, as an unplayable partner character for Jill Valentine, not appearing at all beyond the opening sequence in the other scenario with Chris Redfield.Wardrobe Barry's outfit in Resident Evil is a white S. T. A. R. S. Tshirt, gray pants, and a red vest over the Tshirt. In Resident Evil 3, Barry is wearing a brown bomber vest, supposedly gray pants, a white Tshirt, and a black ball cap. In Resident Evil Revelations 2, Barry's appearance is barry burton wikipedia

Barry Burton is a fictional soldier& combat specialist and a supporting character featured in the Resident Evil multimedia franchise. He first appeared in the

(BH3) After the mansion incident, she leaves Barry to investigate the whereabouts of Chris in Europe and the research facilities of Umbrella. (UC)Belongs to Barry Burton is a former S. T. A. R. S. member that worked as the team's weapons supervisor due to his previous experience working for the N. R. A. Barry is a close friend of Chris Redfield and was the man that talked him into joining S. T. A. R. S.barry burton wikipedia Barry Burton was a S. T. A. R. S. officer caught up in Umbrella's affairs in 1998. In response to the Tvirus related killings in the Arklay Mountains, S. T. A. R. S. HQ assigned Albert Wesker command over the Raccoon City branch.

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Barry Burton Duncan Cameron Jeff Davis James Hooker Butch McDade Danny Parks Scott McClure Mike Brooks: The Amazing Rhythm Aces is an American country rock group, which has characterized its music as American music or roots music a blend barry burton wikipedia More proof, Barry said he only did the voice of Barry Burton. Finally, the rumor is put to rest. Preceding unsigned comment added by. 104 12: 13, 27 May 2008 (UTC) A new better image. Edit. I think it would be much better to use this picture as his portrait. Barry Burton ( Bar Bton) is an advisor and combat specialist for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Formerly, he was a member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service and the backup man for the S. T. A. R. S. Alpha team. Barry Burton (, Bar Bton) is a middleaged (38yearold in the original Resident Evil) SWATveteran and STARS Alpha Team's weapons specialist. In the original Resident Evil, Barry plays a supporting role in Jill's story while only appearing briefly in the opening scene of Chris' scenario. Barry getting ready to fuck yo ass. Barry Burton, and the magnificent facial hair attached to him, joined the Special Tactics and Rescue Service S. T. A. R. S branch of Racoon City's Police Department along with his ol' partner Chris, and Jill Sandwich (the MASTER of unlocking).

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