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In 2017, he joined Golic and Wingo (formerly Mike& Mike), when he succeeded Mike Greenberg, who used to cohost the show with Mike Golic. When Sporting News asked about his chemistry on the show, Wingo said, Those are fun.Trey Wingo whose actual name is Hal Chapman Wingo III is an American TV host who coanchors the show Golic and Wingo on ESPN. He is also the host of SportsCenter and NFL Live. We take an insight into the life and career of Trey Wingo and try to collect all the lesser known facts related to his life! Trey Wingo and his childhood and familyTrey Wingo was born on 19 September 1963 and is aged 55. wikipedia trey wingo

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Hal Chapman Wingo III or Trey Wingo ( w o; born September 19, 1963) is the cohost of ESPN's SportsCenter from time to time but is best known as host of NFL Live alongside football analysts Mark Schlereth, Merril Hoge, Mike Golic, and Tom Golic and Wingo is an American sportstalk radio show that is hosted by Mike Golic, Sr. , his son Mike Jr. and Trey Wingo airing on the ESPN networks. The show airs on ESPN Radio and simulcast on television on ESPNEWS since April 2, 2018 (prior to this, it was simulcast on ESPN2), and acts as the morning show for both the radio and televisionwikipedia trey wingo Trey Wingo or as he is originally known, Hal Chapman Wingo III was born on September 19, 1963. He is a 53yearold American journalist who currently stands at the height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Hes father is Hal Chappy Wingo Jr. the founding editor of the Peoples magazine and was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, US.

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Hal Chapman Wingo III ( w o; born September 19, 1963), known as Trey Wingo, is a cohost of ESPN's SportsCenter, as well as cohost of NFL Live. He has also served as the host of the Women's NCAA basketball tournament. wikipedia trey wingo

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