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There were some 380 Uboats commissioned into the Kaiserliche Marine in the years before and during World War I. Although the first four German Uboats U1, U2, U3, and U4 were commissioned before 1910, all four served in a training capacity during the war.During World War II, Eboats claimed 101 merchant ships totalling 214, 728 tons. [10 and 12 destroyers, 11 minesweepers, eight landing ships, six MTBs, a torpedo boat, a minelayer, a submarine and a number of smaller craft, such as fishing boats. war boats wikipedia

A PT boat (short for patrol torpedo boat) was a torpedoarmed fast attack craft used by the United States Navy in World War II. It was small, fast, and inexpensive to build, valued for its maneuverability and speed but hampered at the beginning of the war by ineffective torpedoes, limited armament, and comparatively fragile construction that limited some of the variants to coastal waters.

A pontoon bridge is a collection of specialized, shallow draft boats or floats, connected together to cross a river or canal, with a track or deck attached on top. The water buoyancy supports the boats, limiting the maximum load to the total and point buoyancy of the pontoons or boats. [2 The primary targets of the Uboat campaigns in both wars were the merchant convoys bringing supplies from Canada and other parts of the British Empire, and the United States to the United Kingdom and (during the Second World War) to the Soviet Union and the Allied territories in the Mediterranean.war boats wikipedia Type VIIC41 Uboat List of Uboat types contains lists of the German Uboat types ( submarine classes) used in World War I and World War II. The anglicized word Uboat is usually only used as reference for German submarines in the two World Wars and therefore postwar submarine in the Bundesmarine and later German Navy are not included.

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The German torpedo boats of World War II were armed principally, if not exclusively, with torpedoes and varied widely in size. They were not small schnellboote (known to the Allies as Eboats) but small seagoing vessels, the larger of which were comparable to destroyers. war boats wikipedia The Uboat Campaign from 1914 to 1918 was the World War I naval campaign fought by German Uboats against the trade routes of the Allies. It took place largely The fifth is a DUKW hull copy manufactured in 1993 with unused World War IIvintage running gear parts. In 1999, a refurbishment programme began to extend their service life to 2014. [20 DUKWs were removed from service in 2012. For example: in the Battle of Alven (1808) during the Gunboat War of, five DanoNorwegian gunboats defeated the lone frigate HMS Tartar. Gunboats used in the Battle of Valcour Island (1776) on Lake Champlain during the American Revolutionary War were mostly built on the spot, attesting to the speed of their construction.

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