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Camping and Backpacking in Rugova Gorge, Kosovo (Peja) Kosovo is most known for the war in the 1990s and its disputed country status. What gets lost behind the politics isRugova Mountain Rugova Gorge The scenic Rugova Gorge near town of Pe Peja is the steep canyon of over 300 meters high sides in Kosovo and Metohija, that would leave you speechless. Rugova Gorge represents perfect mountain chain for climbing, various outdoor activities, with crystal clear and icy water springs all over the place. rugova gorge wikipedia

Rugova is an ethnographically diverse region, with great importance for the literary branches of lexicology, etymology and onomastics. Rugova is a suitable region for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, paragliding, and picnics. It was ranked as the fourth most important center for winter sports by the International Ski Federation (ISF).

Ibrahim Rugova (, Albanian pronunciation: [ibahim ugova; 2 December 1944 21 January 2006) was the first President of the partially recognised Republic of Kosova, serving from 1992 to 2000 and again from 2002 until his death in 2006, and a prominent Kosovo Albanian political leader, scholar, and writer. Rugova Gorge There are several associations and forums, initiated by individuals who love sports and activities that Rugova offers, and you may contact them for more information.rugova gorge wikipedia Rugova Gorge road In the far western corner of Kosovo, beyond the town of Peja (or Pe, as it is known to Serbs), theres a narrow pass that enters one of the most spectacular areas in the Balkans: the Rugova Gorge, where granite walls vault 609 meters (2, 000 feet) above the Drini River.

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Rugova Canyon. 980 likes. Rugova Canyon or Rugova Gorge is a river canyon near Pe in Western Kosovo, in the Prokletije mountains, close to the border rugova gorge wikipedia Rugova is 93 km from Pristina. It covers a territory of 20, 330 ha. The Lumbardhi River splits the mountain in half, creating a valley and a canyon (Rugova Gorge). 85 of the territory is covered by forests, 15 by pasture. The terrain is rugged with limestones Rugova Canyon or Rugova Gorge ( Albanian: Gryka e Rugovs; Serbian: , Rugovska klisura ) is a river canyon near Pe in Western Kosovo, in the Prokletije mountains, close to the border with Montenegro. The Rugova Gorge is one of the most spectacular rock formations in Kosovo. Rising several hundred meters high, it is an imposing natural landmark. Explore the Rugova Gorge and get up close and personal with nature.

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