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Rambhadracharya; Srinivas Rath; Rewa Prasad Dwivedi; Ram Karan Sharma; Bhatt Mathuranath Shastri; Shastri, Vidyadhar; Kalika Prasad Shukla; Palkuriki SomanathaThis is a list of authors of Hindi literature, i. e. people who write in Hindi language, its dialects and Hindustani language famous hindi poets wikipedia

Sufi Poets of the Punjab Pakistan (Their Thought and Contribution) Prof M Ashraf Chaudhary. National Book Foundation Islamabad. ISBN Great Sufi Poets of The Punjab by R. M. Chopra, (1999), Iran Society, Calcutta.

Genres of Hindi Literature Hindi Kavita (Poetry) Hindi has a rich legacy of poetry. There are several genres of Kavita based on Ras, Chhand and Alankar e. g. Shringar, Karun, Veer, Hsya etc. Hasya Kavita is humorous comic poetry in Hindi. It is particularly famous due to Hindi kavi sammelans. Bal Kavita is children's rhymes in Hindi. Aug 05, 2013 Famous Indian Poets Rabindranath Tagore Source The history of Indian literature can be traced to the sixth century B. C. , when the great epics were composed in verse.famous hindi poets wikipedia Pages in category Englishlanguage poets from India The following 91 pages are in this category, out of 91 total. This list may not reflect recent changes.

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One of my favorite poets of all time is 'Ramdhari Singh Dinker' and I love his poems the most. Rashmirathi is one compilation that I can read any number of times. Another book I can read any number of times is 'Madhushala' of course. By Harivanshrai Bachhan. Hindi is a famous hindi poets wikipedia Gajanan Digambar Madgulkar ( ), Marathi and Hindi poet and playwright Clarence Major (born 1936), American poet, painter and novelist Desanka Maksimovi ( ), Serbian List of Urdulanguage poets. Jump to navigation Jump to search 13th century. Poet Image Pen Name Era Work Amir Khusro ( ) TuhfatusSigh 15th century. Poet Image Pen Name Era Work Meera: Mira Bai: 1498 16th century. Poet Image Pen Name Renaissance Poets Kumaran Asan ( 1873 1924 ) Kerala Varma Valiya Koyithampuran, also known as Kerala Varma ( 1845 1914 ), poet and translator who had an equal facility in writing in Mayalayam, English and Sanskrit [13 This is a List of Hindi language poets. Abdul Rahim KhanIKhana ( ), composer, poet, and produced books on Astrology Amir Khusrow, ( ) musician, scholar and poet

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