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Agonista w farmakologii substancja czca si z receptorem i powodujca reakcj w komrce. Jest przeciwiestwem antagonisty, ktry czc si z receptorem, blokuje go bez wywoywania reakcji. Antagonista blokuje receptor take przed aktywowaniem go przez agonist.hormone antagonists (GnRH antagonists) are a class of medications that antagonize the hormone receptor (GnRH receptor) and thus the action of hormone (GnRH). They are used in the treatment of prostate cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, female infertility in assisted reproduction, and for other indications. agonista lhrh wikipedia

L'agonista dell'ormone di rilascio le gonadotropine, pi generalmente abbreviato in agonista GnRH (abbreviazione dalla terminologia inglese hormone) una classe di farmaci sintetici a struttura peptidica, modellati sul GnRH, utilizzati per la terapia di alcune tipologie di tumori.

GnRHAnaloga, veraltet auch LHRHAnaloga, sind synthetische Analoga des Neurohormons (GnRH), die als Arzneistoffe zur knstlichen Absenkung des Testosteron oder strogenSpiegels im Blut eingesetzt werden. An LHRH agonist is made in the laboratory; it is like LHRH but has a different effect on the body's functions. What you need to know about prostate cancer LHRH agonist therapy is standard of care for suitable patients in both the neoadjuvant and adjuvant setting toagonista lhrh wikipedia Prostate cancer hormone therapy treatment may use LHRH agonists, also known as luteinizing hormonereleasing hormone (LHRH) agonists or hormone agonists. Luteinizing hormonereleasing hormone and hormone are essentially the same chemicals which are released by the hypothalamus when it detects

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Em bioqumica e farmacodinmica, agonista referese a uma substncia qumica que interage com um receptor de membrana, ativandoo e desencadeando uma resposta que pode ser o aumento ou a diminuio de determinada atividade celular qual o receptor est associado. agonista lhrh wikipedia A hormone analogue (GnRH analogue or analog), also known as a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone agonist (LHRH agonist) or LHRH analogue is a synthetic peptide drug modeled after the human hypothalamic hormone (GnRH). hormone (GnRH) is a releasing hormone responsible for the release of folliclestimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary. GnRH is a tropic peptide hormone synthesized and released from GnRH neurons within the hypothalamus. The peptide belongs to hormone family. LHRH antagonists bind to the LHRH receptors on pituitary cells. They do not cause an initial release of luteinizing hormone or folliclestimulating hormone, and thus avoiding the flare phenomenon of LHRH agonists.

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