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Comicsawb 17: 46, 31 July 2008 (UTC) Split? Would it be an idea to split the Vertigo series off to a new article Unknown Soldier (Vertigo), it is difficult to juggle the space for the two series as you basically get the same sections repeating and there is plenty more toThe Unknown Soldier is a fictional superhero character who first appeared in Our Flag Comics# 1 (August, 1941) from Ace Comics. Publishing history. Our Flag Comics only lasted for five issues the last issue was dated April, 1942 but by then unknown soldier comics wikipedia

Unknown Soldier, vol. 4: Beautiful World Collects vol. 4# 2125. In the hands of the men who created his fractured psyche, the Unknown Soldier learns the truth about himself. In the hands of the men who created his fractured psyche, the Unknown Soldier learns the truth about himself.

How can the answer be improved? Unknown Soldier, in comics, may refer to: Unknown Soldier (DC Comics), a DC Comics character; Unknown Soldier (Ace Comics), an Ace Comics character; See also. Unknown Soldier (disambiguation) This article includes a list of related items thatunknown soldier comics wikipedia The Unknown Soldier was a U. S. Military operative active during World War II. He is a master of disguise who normally wears bandages, as his face was destroyed in an explosion. His ident Comics See Also: Unknown Soldier Titles See Also Comic

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The Unknown Soldier's face is swathed in bandages, the true identity of the Soldier is a mystery. He was a master of disguise (using latex masks) and carried out many missions for the Allied unknown soldier comics wikipedia Unknown Soldier, a 1999 album by Warmen or its title song The Unknown Soldier (song), a 1968 song by the Doors Unknown Soldier , a song by Breaking Benjamin and is The Unknown Soldier is a character that first appeared back in 1966 in a series originally entitled Our Army At War which was basically Sgt. Rock's personal volume for the latter portion of its The Unknown Soldier was an unnamed young man who joined the United States Army together with his brother Harry less than two months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Assigned to the Philippines when the Pacific War broke out, he and Harry were present when the The Unknown Soldier was killed in the last Issue in# 25 he was killed by a kid holding a gun he will be the young new Unknown Soldier in 2010. The Unknown Soldier's wife remarried and had a family.

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