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The Illawarra cattle breed was started by Australian dairymen who improved their herd by introducing the bloodlines of superior cattle from a number of dairy breeds, especially theIllawarra Plums. A unique dark red berry of the Brown Pine which conveniently grows its stone on the outside of the fruit. It is a semitropical tree ranging from New South Wales to Queensland. illawarra plum wikipedia

Illawarra is a region in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is a coastal region situated immediately south of Sydney and north of the Shoalhaven or South Coast region. It encompasses the cities of Wollongong, Shellharbour and the town of Kiama.

Gerroa, New South Wales Gerroa is a coastal town in the Municipality of Kiama, in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia [2 133 kilometres south of Sydney. It is considered to be the southernmost town in the Illawarra region. Illawarra Plum. Podocarpus elatus Easily distinguished from other members of the family by its external seed, the Illawarra Plum also beats many of them, hands down, in the nutrition stakes, too.illawarra plum wikipedia Podocarpus elatus, known as the plum pine, the brown pine or the Illawarra plum is a species of Podocarpus endemic to the east coast of Australia, in eastern New South Wales and eastern Queensland. It is a medium to large evergreen tree growing to

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How can the answer be improved? illawarra plum wikipedia The Australian fruit Illawarra plum (Podocarpus elatus Endl. Illawarra plum and colon cancer Most dishes, including the kangaroo and crocodile, are cooked and flavoured with Aboriginal spices, or aniseed and lemon myrtle, wildfire spice, pepperberry, Pacific rub, bush tomato chutney and Illawarra plum

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