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The imperial bushel established by the Weights and Measures Act of 1824 described the bushel as the volume of 80 avoirdupois pounds of distilled water in air at 62 F (17 C) [citation needed orHow can the answer be improved? wikipedia bushel of corn

The final estimate of corn production for the years 1950 to 1959 in the United States is given as some three billion bushels and in recent years, some nine billion bushels are produced each year. Corn growth is dominated by west north central Iowa and east central Illinois.

Corn oil is generally less expensive than most other types of vegetable oils. One bushel of corn contains 1. 55 pounds of corn oil (2. 8 by weight). Corn agronomists have developed highoil varieties; however, these varieties tend to show lower field yields, so they are not universally accepted by growers. In the United States, 40 of the acreage designated for corn grain is used for corn ethanol production, of which 25 was converted to ethanol after accounting for coproducts, leaving only 60 of the crop yield for human or animal consumption.wikipedia bushel of corn Real world bushel baskets tend to have rounded bottoms, at least around the edge. Real world bushel baskets may have straight or sloping sides. But the definition of a bushel volume (18. 5 in diameter, 8 in high) would be a perfect cylinder.

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A bushel is an imperial and US customary unit of weight or mass based upon an earlier measure of dry capacity. The old bushel was equal to 2 kennings, 4 pecks or 8 dry gallons and was used mostly for agricultural products such as wheat. In modern usage, the volume is nominal, with bushels denoting a mass defined differently for each commodity. The name bushel is also used to translate similar wikipedia bushel of corn Dec 14, 2018  kenning ( half a bushel ) Verb. bushel (thirdperson singular simple present bushels, present participle busheling or bushelling, simple past and past participle busheled or bushelled) (US, tailoring, transitive, intransitive) To mend or repair clothes.

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