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An oral tradition or oral culture is a way of transmitting history, literature or law from one generation to the next in a civilization without a writing system, by telling stories and talking. An example that combined aspects of oral literature and oral history, before being written down,

Oral Tradition is a peerreviewed academic journal established in 1986 by John Miles Foley covering studies in oral tradition and related fields. As well as essays treating certifiably oral traditions, the journal presents investigations of the relationships between oral and written traditions, Of the tradition Greek Oral Poetry: Role in story Listens to Odysseus's story, provides him travel to Ithica: Family members Arete (wife), Nausicaa (daughter) Alcinous is the king of the Phaeacians, who offers Odysseus hospitality in his island kingdom of Scheria. Alcinous hears the story of Odysseus's wanderings and provides him withoral tradition wikipedia Hermes is the messenger god. In book 5, Hermes is sent to demand from Calypso Odysseus's release from the island of Aeaea. In book 10, he protects Odysseus from Circe by bestowing upon him a herb which protects him from her soporific spell. Hermes also appears in book 24, where he leads the

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Of the tradition Greek Oral Poetry: Role in story Suitor to Penelope, enemy of Odysseus: Amphinomus is a suitor of Penelope's. Among the dozens of suitors, he is the only decent man seeking Penelope's hand in marriage. oral tradition wikipedia Oral tradition, oral culture and oral lore is a way for a society to transmit history, literature, law and other knowledges across generations without a writing system. An example that combined aspects of oral literature and oral history, before eventually being set down in writing, Oral gospel traditions, cultural information passed on from one generation to the next by word of mouth, were the first stage in the formation of the written gospels. These oral traditions included different types of stories about Jesus. Oral history contained a lot of stuff about oral culture, presumably because oral transmission of history is one type of oral tradition and oral history is an old term for that. I deleted extraneous material from Oral history, moved it to Talk: Oral tradition, explained the distinction on Oral history and linked to Oral tradition. Of the tradition Greek Oral Poetry: Role in story Hero, Postpones suitors: Family members Penelope (mother), Odysseus (father), Laertes (grandfather) Telemachus is Odysseus's son, and was an infant when Odysseus left for Troy. Telemachus is about twenty at the beginning of The Odyssey.

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