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We are happy to present our new Flyff serve, with active GMs, Max Level 150 3rd Job Custom Systems EXPx250 PENYAx250 CUSTOM DROP In addition, the game promises improvements, adding items and worlds to have fun.Flyff (short for Fly for Fun ) is a fantasy MMORPG by Korean development company Gala Lab (formerly Aeonsoft& nFlavor). Flyff is a partyoriented grinding game where no character can do everything; efficient play requires working in groups to level up by killing monsters, or Masquerpets. flyff for fun wikipedia

One of the best free to play Manga& Anime MMO Games. A highflying fantasy role playing game with millions of players. Explore the magical lands of Madrigal.

Questions, suggestions andor comments? If you have questions, suggestions or comments about the Flyff Wiki, please visit us at the Wiki thread! This site is best viewed using FireFox Welcome to the UnOfficial DemonFlyFF Wiki! We here would like to provide answers to most questions as well as providing an archive for DemonFlyFF! This is a community site ran BY the community FOR the Community, however is owned by Kaiiku. Join the fun and contribute!flyff for fun wikipedia Description. A second job class for Acrobats using bows. Rangers have a wide array of bow skills at their disposal to damage one or several enemies at the same time, backed up by their first job Acrobat skills. The main stats for a Ranger are Dexterity, adding much needed block and evade rate as well as damage to their attacks, and Stamina for health points and added defence.

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Vagrant Edit. This class is the starting class for all players entering the world of FlyFF. Vagrants are melee fighters with access to three skills. At level 15, they have the option to advance to one of the four main job classes, which are gained by completing a quest. flyff for fun wikipedia Flyff, short for Fly For Fun, is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) made by the Korean company Aeonsoft, a subsidiary of GALA Incorporated. As the name implies, this game features a freeform flying system. In this system, players are allowed to fly around the world on such things as flying boards and broomsticks and Fun, Active Community, High RateStatted Server, Free Server that focuses to provide the best of Flyff gaming. Farming is a big word in the server. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you jo The Best Private Flyf For Fun server in the World! Edit. Insanity FlyFF is the best Fly for Fun mmorpg private server. We provide the best online gaming experience. Join us NOW! ! ! And enter the World Of Fantasy Don't believe it? Come and try it and you will get addicted like everyone else! We're excited to have Insanity Flyff Wiki as part of the FANDOM community! It may seem like theres a lot to do, but were here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going: Check out Wiki Features to turn on some special features including our popular community Chat.

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