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2019-08-24 10:47

Kirby Air Ride is a spinoff title released for the Nintendo Gamecube, being the only Kirby game released for that system. It is a multiplayer racing game which takes place in full 3D environments, involving Kirby and clones of Kirby racing on various machines, including the Warp Star and Wheelie Bike through various courses.Air Ride received a mixed reception from critics, who criticized the game's simplicity. However, the game was a commercial success, selling over 1. 2 million copies worldwide. Gameplay Kirby Air Ride is played primarily through use of a vehicle, many of which are taken from kirby air ride 2 wikipedia

Kirby Air Ride also holds the distinction of being the only official fullfledged Kirby racing game to date. As stated in the game's credits, the released GameCube version of Kirby Air Ride was made using the sysdolphin engine and development tools created by HAL Laboratory.

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