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Nov 14, 2010 Los orgenes de la Iglesia Maronita son inciertos y existen textos medievales que la vinculan a la hereja monotelita segn la cual Jess tendra dos naturalezas pero una sola voluntad. En todo caso, parece que la Iglesia Maronita aparece a finales del siglo IV, fundada por un monje llamado Marn que rene a una serie de seguidores a orillas del ro Orontes, entre Alepo y Antioquia.Lebanese Maronite Christians (Arabic: ) refers to Lebanese people who are adherents of the Maronite Church in Lebanon, which is the largest Christian denomination in the country. religion maronita wikipedia

The first Maronite patriarch, John Maron, was appointed in the late 7th century. Although reduced in numbers and estimated to have lost their status as a majority in Lebanon itself. Today, Maronites remain one of the principal religious groups in the country.

The Mariamite Maronite Order (known also as Aleppians or Halabites), is a monastic order in the Levantine Catholic Maronite Church, which from the beginning has been specifically a monastic Church. The order was founded in 1694 in the Monastery of Mart Moura, Ehden, Lebanon, by three Maronite Catholic particular churches and liturgical rites Wikipedia. There is an Eastern Rite Catholic Church about three blocks from my home, and it is beautiful. There is much less statuary. Instead of statues, Eastern Catholics often find Icons more inspiring. They have various different prayers andreligion maronita wikipedia The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. En 1975 comenz la guerra civil libanesa entre las comunidades cristiana maronita y musulmana, al atacar fuerzas falangistas cristianas a las guerrillas palestinas de la OLP.

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Before the conquest by Arabian Muslims reached Lebanon, both those Lebanese people who would become Muslim and the majority who would remain Christian spoke a dialect of Aramaic. Syriac (Christian Aramaic) still remains the liturgical language of the Maronite Church. religion maronita wikipedia In a major reversal of the Mexican state's restrictions on religion, the constitution was amended in 1992 lifting almost all restrictions on the religions, including granting all religious groups legal status, conceding them limited property, and lifting restrictions on the number of priests in the country. La Iglesia maronita forma parte del grupo siriooccidental. La Iglesia maronita ha permanecido en comunin con el papa, a pesar de los embates que sufri a travs de los siglos por parte de los monofisitas, bizantinos, rabes, druzos, mongoles, otomanos y mamelucos. Tradicional no Lbano, a Igreja Maronita possui ritual prprio, diferente do rito litrgico latino adotado pela maioria dos catlicos ocidentais. O rito oriental maronita, que pertence tradio litrgica de Antioquia, prev a celebrao da missa em lngua siraca, um dialeto aramaico ocidental. Maronites are concentrated in East Beirut, while Muslim Shi'ites live primarily in West Beirut. 3 LANGUAGE Although Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, many Maronites also speak French.

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