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Bachmann is a surname of Switzerland and Germany. It originates as a description of the bearer as dwelling near a brook (Bach), such as a farm Hofstatt am Bach also called Bachmanns Hofstatt near Hinwil or Drnten (recorded 1387), or the Hof zum Bach near Richterswil (recorded 1555).Dec 23, 2018  Bachmann electronic GmbH develops automation solutions. It offers controller systems, networking and security products, safety technology bachmann electronic gmbh wikipedia

Bachman electronic GmbH Fhrend in den erneuerbaren Energien und die Nr. 1 im Wind

Bachmann Industries (Bachmann Brothers, Inc. ) is a Bermuda registered Chinese owned company, globally headquartered in Hong Kong; specialising in model railroading. . Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the home of its North American headquarters, Bachmann is today part of the Kader group, who model products are made at a Chinese Government jointventure plant in Dongguan, China. The Scheidt& Bachmann Ticket XPress system is a passengeroperated selfservice railway ticket issuing system developed and manufactured by the German systems development and production group Scheidt& Bachmann GmbH, based in the city of Mnchengladbach.bachmann electronic gmbh wikipedia Bachmann electronic GmbH manufactures and distributes semiconductor and electronic parts in the field of automation technology. The firms products include controller system, networking, security, safety technology, HMI devices, industrial PCs, engineering software, HMI and SCADA, motion control, and condition monitoring system.

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Bachman electronic GmbH Fhrend in den erneuerbaren Energien und die Nr. 1 im Wind bachmann electronic gmbh wikipedia Bachmann electronic GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative visualisation and condition monitoring systems for sophisticated endtoend automation solutions. The systems are used globally in a wide variety of industrial engineering applications, for series and specialpurpose machine production, for wind energy About us. Bachmann electronic, founded in 1970, is an international hightech company with headquarters in Feldkirch (Austria) and develops, produces and distributes complete system solutions in the area of automation technology.

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